The NeuroTeyanin feeling –
experience relaxation, concentration and recreation!
Theanine - the magic powder extract from the green tea plant.
The NeuroTeyanin feeling –
experience relaxation, concentration and recreation!
Theanine - the magic powder extract from the green tea plant.

About NeuroTeyanin

“Green tea awakens the good spirit and wise thoughts. If you are depressed, it will encourage you.”
With these inspiring words, the legendary Chinese emperor Shennong described the many positive properties of the active ingredient theanine, which is contained in the leaves of green tea in a natural concentration of approx. 2 – 5%
NeuroTeyanin is a highly concentrated extract of green tea that contains purely natural L-theanine. It is the only product in Europe with this high concentration of theanine that complies with novel food regulations and can therefore be sold legally. It has an energizing and mood-enhancing effect and promotes concentration without causing fatigue.



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L-theanine - the stimulating amino acid from the green tea plant: the mental and physical concentration and relaxation agent.

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Theanine (more precisely: L-theanine) is naturally contained in the leaves of the tea plant and is released in low concentrations during infusions of black or green tea. The parent plant of these tea varieties is called Camellia Sinensis and is widely used for tea production in the Asian region. L-theanine is an amino acid that is proteinogenic and therefore not a natural building block of proteins. Besides the naturally high L-theanine content, our highly concentrated extract also contains many other high-quality green tea plant compounds such as catechins and flavonoids.
L-theanine, the natural amino acid found in green tea, has multiple positive mental and physical effects after it is absorbed into the body and crosses the blood/brain barrier. Similar to deep meditation, L-theanine stimulates the production of calming alpha waves, which create a relaxed but focused state of mind and enable concentrated work. It improves the production of the neurotransmitter GABA and thus the levels of dopamine (+) and serotonin (-) so that it reduces anxiety, has a mood-lifting effect and can improve sleep quality at night.

L-theanine is an ideal dietary supplement for relaxed but highly-concentrated work. Whether focused at your desk, on point while gaming, or positively confident during sports and workouts, it boosts mental and physical energy without depleting it. L-theanine can relieve anxiety, reduce depression, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the catechins found in green tea. In short, the highly concentrated NeuroTeyanin ensures relaxation, concentration, recreation and well-being in the most diverse life situations.